The KSFM Journal of Fluid Machinery is the official publication of Korean Society for Fluid Machinery (KSFM) published 6 times a year. Six issues (numbers) are published each year: No. 1 (February), No. 2 (April), No. 3 (June), No. 4 (August), No. 5 (October), No. 6 (December).
the KSFM Journal of Fluid Machinery covers various engineering aspects of fluid machinery including design, manufacturing, operation and new application as listed below.
* pump and hydraulic turbines; fan and ventilation systems; compressor; gas and steam turbines; duct and pipe flows; rotor dynamics; ship and ocean energy; waste management systems; membrane process water plant; CFD; general fluid engineering....

Korean Society for Fluid Machinery

Contact Information

Prof. Jun Sang Park
E-mail: jspark@halla.ac.kr
Tel. +82‐33‐760-1219
Fax. +82‐33‐760-1211
Editorial Office & Publisher
Korean Society for Fluid Machinery
(135-703) Room No. 12,
KOFST New Bldg.,
Yoeksam 1-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel. +82-2-563-1867
Fax. +82-2-563-1868

The submission/review process for the KSFM Journal of Fluid Machinery is handled electronically on the web-site, The template files are available on the webpage at http://ksfm.org./thesis04.html.
All the submitted papers will undergo a peer-review process, and those papers positively recommended by at least 2 expert reviewers will be finally accepted for publication in the KSFM Journal of Fluid Machinery after any required modifications are made.
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